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Designing Change

Something I’m really excited about:
I’m preparing for a 6-day trek in Nepal next year! This would be my longest trek thus far. The months building up to it have already been exciting: reading up, training, and gathering items needed. To top it off, it’s going to be a trip with my family.

One thing most people don’t know about me:
My cat was picked up from the coffeeshop near my place 6 years ago. He was in pretty bad shape with a fractured arm and open wounds, and I had to put in a lot of time to nurse him back to health.

I love being a designer.
I feel that it’s such an all-encompassing role—we can educate, persuade, change, improve, and solve problems. Design is everywhere and the list of what requires great design is endless.

I get active to destress.
I was surrounded by outdoor and fitness enthusiasts as I grew up, so it’s natural for me to head to the gym or go for a hike to unwind.

My most memorable trip was to:
Scotland, for an overseas immersion programme for school. My friends and I took the weekend to drive up to Isle of Skye—we witnessed the best views and braved the coldest winds.

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