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How did you end up doing what you’re doing?
This is my first official job after polytechnic, so I’m just trying something out first. I intend to go back to school, and hopefully study architecture.

Where do get your fashion inspiration from?
I was in Temasek Polytechnic’s design course, and throughout my three years there, I slowly found my own style. It was a nice place to experiment in terms of fashion. It’s also important to know what you like, so that when you go onto social media platforms like Instagram, you can take inspiration from others to make it into your own.

What’s your wardrobe essential?
Outerwear. I think it makes or breaks the look. I’ll always be found wearing something over my outfit, be it a raincoat or something.

Which three people, living or dead, would you want at your fantasy dinner party?
Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen from Game Of Thrones, just to catch up on all the gossip, and Albert Einstein. It’ll be weird, but I like weird.

If you had all the time in the world to do anything, what would it be any why?
I’d like to travel, but also be a couch potato. I’ve friends who plan itineraries by the hour but I feel that that’s a bit intense. I want to go to Africa, because I think it’s different and that it’ll be a nice place to relax.

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