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In Motion

I’m from Germany, and I’ve been here on holiday for 2 weeks now.
I have a Singaporean girlfriend here. This is my third time to Singapore; I like the people, and definitely the food. So far, my favourite is char siew rice.

What’s good to do in Germany?
Many things! I dance, and there is a great dance community. There’s an unofficial breakdancing championship, for example. I skate a lot in Germany but there are no mountains here, so I don’t really skate in Singapore.

Any goals and hopes for the year?
Well, I think mostly friendships—it’s a big word for me, in 2017. Not necessarily having more friends, but improving the relationships I have, not only with friends but with family, people in my university, professors even, my girlfriend, and her family too.

Best decision I’ve ever made:
I’d say becoming a Christian.

People don’t know this but I…
Brush my teeth for 10 minutes everyday!

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