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Life In The Fast Lane

Clara keeps it simple in this fail-proof outfit: plain black top, graphic midi skirt, and sensible shoes. She does have a soft spot for her Balenciaga bags, however. “They’re really versatile to carry for work, or for the casual weekends,” she says. And when it comes to her off-day dressing, her one rule is: “Anything I can’t wear to work!” If she wasn’t working where she was now, Clara thinks that she might be a writer instead. “I’ve always been an avid reader, and sometimes I think about the joy a writer brings to people with the words and stories he or she creates.” At work, she finds a sense of fulfilment in sorting out difficult issues, but also acknowledges that she has to be extremely detail orientated and careful during work, which can be stressful. Nonetheless, she’s learnt a thing or two when it comes to coping. “Never be afraid to look stupid and not ask questions when you are unsure,” she says. “It is good to always have a positive attitude and be willing to learn.” Pleasant, genial demeanour aside, we are surprised to learn that Clara’s a huge F1 fan, and tries to catch every race on TV when it’s race weekend, and also does kickboxing once a week. It seems that Clara’s all about being open to everything, as she muses: “Life is short, so live it without regrets. Do the things you love, live the life you love, and love yourself.”

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