Shentonista Of The Year 2021: The Winners

Celebrating our Shentonistas is something that we do every year, and we always enjoy getting the entire community involved in the process. This year, we invited you, our audience, to vote for your favourite Shentonistas from 2021 in three different categories: Favourite Look, Most Memorable, and Best Lesson Learnt. After an exciting two rounds of voting, we’ve tallied your votes and are happy to announce our three Shentonistas Of The Year.

Favourite Look: Nadirah

July 2021—Assemblé

What’s something you’ve been into recently?
Recently, I’ve picked up ballet and tennis. I used to dance contemporary jazz many years ago, and now, since there’s ballet for adults, I decided to take up some courses at LASALLE College of the Arts. As for tennis, I used to play badminton when I was in secondary school, and I wanted something that was quick because my attention span is pretty low. Also, since ballet uses a lot of footwork, I wanted something that uses my arms more. Tennis outfits are also cute—I love the whole vintage tennis look!

What’s something that learning ballet has taught you?
Ballet has been something that I’ve always wanted to do since I was young, but to be honest, it is an expensive hobby to pick up when you’re younger, which is why I’ve only started pursuing it now. I think ballet teaches me that if you really want something, you should go for it no matter what’s your age, and every day is still a learning journey. I think we should never put a stop to our dreams, and whatever you want to do, never stop believing yourself. Also, ballet definitely taught me discipline and to understand your body in a different manner. It’s not just about being flexible, but about really understanding and listening to your body on another level.

What’s something that people find surprising about you?
When people first meet me, I think they’re always surprised that I’m such a foodie—I love eating and I have a high metabolism rate. I eat five to six times a day and my last meal will be at like four in the morning. Also, people usually think I’m not friendly, and that I’m very reserved. But once I start talking, I just don’t stop. I’m actually really talkative (laughs).

Most Memorable: Rynthia

December 2021—The Next Chapter

Can you share a little bit more about your style and what you like wearing?
I’m a person who loves accessories. I really like to put on rings, earrings, or necklaces. I can’t leave the house without my studs and everything (laughs). I also like to dress in a lot of colours. At my boring banking job, I usually go with red suits, green suits, and accessories like colourful clutches. That’s my style at work—very loud (laughs).

Your tattoos are really interesting too. Could you also tell us a bit more about them?
My tattoos actually represent a big part of my life. I lost a daughter, so my leg, hand, and body tattoos are all about her life story. I designed them on my own, and every piece is a memory. I definitely want to get more though. It’s like Pringles you know, you can’t stop once you start (laughs).

Is there anything you’re looking to pick up or are working on at the moment?
I’m starting to write a book! I love to write, and I used to write personal diaries and a little bit of poetry, but this book is mainly about my daughter, and about my new life. I give myself say another four years to finish the book. I’m also picking up gymming right now. My partner and I used to just go running, but he got me to the gym so I’m trying to build my body up (laughs).

Best Lesson Learnt: Pann

April 2021—On/Off

How would you describe your fashion sense?
I wouldn’t say I follow particular trends. I’m not a sneakerhead, and there are no brands I follow and patronise specifically. For me, fashion is items I associate with, like this shirt which I’ve had since 1990. It’s not about whether it’s ‘fashionable’ or not. It’s a shirt from one of my favourite bands, and I’ve worn it almost every week since then.

How do you switch off from work?
I can’t switch off my brain, honestly; there’s no ‘off’ button. The problem and the benefit of this is that I never regard what I do as work, so there’s no need to switch on or off. It’s become my way of life. I see what I do every day as my lifestyle. The only reason people quantify something as ‘work’ is because you’re aware that you’re being paid for it.

In that case, how does a day in the life of Pann look like?
You know, I think it’s quite the usual. I wake up, take care of my wife Claire’s garden, feed the cats, and then I’ll sit down to look at emails. The thing about emails is that they usually bring problems, so I’ll try to solve them. Sometimes the problem solving will bring with it some creativity, and then see where my day goes from there. I don’t find it a chore to do work on weekends, so there’s no fixed day or time for me. Of course, if it starts to take away too much family time, then it’s no good.

How do you keep a balance between work and family?
By doing family projects, like our family zine. It’s my way to officially get out of work (laughs). Jokes aside, projects like these come with their own ground rules. These help my kids explore creativity, and also learn the importance of commitment. I always tell them to complete any project they start, before they start on another one.

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