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Love Bonito


Charles & Keith

Tell us more about yourself.
I’m in my final year of university and I’ll be graduating soon, so right now I’m just exploring different industries and seeing the possible stepping stones that’ll help me achieve my future goals. I’d love to be a journalist in the future, if given the chance, so I can provide a platform for the underprivileged to be heard.

If you could make any lasting change within society, what would it be and why?
I feel like an imposter saying this—I don’t think I’ve done enough as an individual to make a change—but I feel very strongly about narrowing the inequality gap in Singapore. There have been conversations surrounding this and most people identify it as a problem, yet more needs to be done beyond just discussion. We need structural and legislative changes to see real impact. If you’d like to read more about the subject, I  believe Teo You Yenn’s best-seller  This Is What Inequality Looks Like breaks it down nicely. 

Is there a superstition that you believe in?
Can astrology be counted under this? I don’t completely believe in it (I think the daily one-liners generated by Co-star are a hoax) but I do think that there are some truths to it and it helps me understand someone better if I know their star signs. I’m even able to guess some of their star signs without them telling me!

What is your go-to comfort food after a bad day?
The butariki niigata don at Sanpoutei Ramen—it’s a definite must-eat after the Circuit Breaker period ends!

What’s something you’d like to be doing more of, or wished you had more time to do?
Reading—I used to read a lot when I was younger but now I consume more visual stuff like films instead of reading books. It’s quite hard to sustain the same kind of concentration I used to have.

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