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Steve Madden

Describe your ideal weekend:
Catching up on sleep!

Are there any things from the past you’d like to bring back again?
My perfect sleep cycle, and my ability to stay awake without coffee.

Do you have any habits that other people find silly?
I order fried rice at any eatery that I go to—even dim sum stalls!

What’s the last thing you saw that you’d recommend to others?
Milan Design Week! This year was my first visit, and it’s the best decision I’ve made. I especially enjoyed seeing SaloneSatellite, which is an exhibition of design projects that have been submitted for a competition organised by Milan Design Week.

What’s the most interesting or memorable design project you’ve worked on?
It was when I worked on a project titled Engulf with furniture design firm Xtra and flooring brand Bolon for the 2016 edition of the Singaplural design festival. It was a great experience because my collaborators were open to ideas, such as hanging their woven vinyl floor tiles from the ceiling, and we had a strong creative synergy.

What’s a dream project you’d like to work on someday?
I’d like to work on something that empowers marginalised communities through design and education.

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