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Tian Yun
Global Mobility

Guilty pleasures:
Bad TV. I love watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and wondering how they fit their asses in those tight jeans when I can’t seem to do the same. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with Chinese drama serials because some of the Chinese men are very handsome. My Mandarin is very bad, though, so I have to read very bad subtitles. I don’t care about plots—my motto is “so bad it’s good” when it comes to TV. 

Childhood pastime:
Read. I read so much and so quickly that on Sunday afternoons I would go to the library to borrow four books and by the same night, I would have finished them and have to re-read them in the week because there was nothing else to read. I went everywhere with a book. I loved the Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High series—I guess that’s when my “so bad it’s good” motto started.

What’s the one thing you wish you had more time to do?
See answer for above. I wish I had the time to read a book in one sitting (like I used to do as a kid) because once I start, I can’t stop and it would be 5AM on a weekday. I also wish I had more time and money to do pilates.

Thing(s) that I can’t live without in my wardrobe/on my dresser:
Stripes—is that a thing? I could wear a new striped outfit every single day for 30 days. It’s my neutral.

My dream office would have:
A puppy and a pantry full of junk food. Think unlimited Cheetos, Reese’s Pieces, Salt and Vinegar Crisps, Mamee Monster snacks…

When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I…

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