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I’m originally from Vietnam, but lived in America for eight years before moving to Singapore for a job opportunity.
I love my job—it’s really good—and there’s a lot of freedom especially with the dress code. I like dyeing my hair in crazy colours and I wasn’t able to do that before, but since I moved to Singapore I’ve gone grey and blonde. It’s quite normal and acceptable here!

Something people don’t really know about me:
This is very strange but I like structures like doors and windows. I take pictures of those things when I travel. I like exterior designs like houses and buildings.

Where’s a good place to visit in Vietnam?
For me, Da Nang. There’s a little bit of everything: you have the mountains and the beaches, the food’s great, and you can go to touristy places as well if you want. It’s not as busy as Ho Chi Minh city.

Favourite thing to eat:
Pho, my mum’s home cooked meals, and Vietnamese crepe. You can have shrimps or pork with beansprouts in the crêpe.

Something people should know before they go to Vietnam:
Like the rest of Asia, avoid visiting Vietnam in the rainy season because there tend to be storms. Vietnamese people are also really friendly in general, just respect the culture! A lot of people there are still pretty conservative. If you know how to say ‘thank you’ in Vietnamese—cảm ơn—that’ll be really appreciated!

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