A Leap Of Faith












You’ve been working in finance for a while now. What’s one thing that surprised you when you first joined the finance industry?
I get to meet a lot of very different people. Back in school, I always had this impression that finance people have a very standard kind of look and attitude—they’re driven, smart, and everything. But since joining the industry, I can see a lot of very dynamic people from all walks of life, and they each bring very different perspectives. So that was quite different compared to the environment I was in in university, hanging out with the same group of people all the time.

What’s something not many people know about you?
I enjoy cooking a lot, and that’s something that I eventually hope to be able to pursue in the future, which not many people know about. I love hosting friends a lot, and my husband and I have just moved into our new home, so I’m really excited about being able to host. When it comes to cooking, I really enjoy Japanese food, but I’m more interested in blending those flavours with Southeast Asian ones, exploring fusion cuisine, and focusing on the ingredients itself.

What’s one dish you enjoy cooking the most?
It’s actually biryani (laughs). When I was first learning how to make it, I got the chance to really learn about all these Southeast Asian flavours and spices. This understanding of Southeast Asian flavours gave me a lot of room to explore my own cooking, which I really enjoy.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to your future or past self?
For both my future and past self, I would say always be open to trying new things, because you never know what’s out there for you, so be daring enough to take these opportunities. I’ve always been a person who makes calculated moves, always trying to be very logical in my next steps. But some of the best decisions made have always been from just taking a leap of faith.

Can you tell us a bit about the ring you’re wearing?
It’s a vintage ring from my mother-in-law. We both like vintage items, but what’s unique about her stash of vintage jewellery is that she’s very much into stainless steel and silvers—kind of minimalist, which is similar to my style, so she was very happy to give this to me, along with other pieces. And it just so happened that today, I thought I needed a bit of silver to match my outfit, which is why I reached for this ring.

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