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How would you describe your personality in three words?
Loud, bubbly, and very personable.

A colour that attracts you the most:
I like having pops of colour in my outfit, but turquoise is definitely a colour I gravitate towards. The whole essence of turquoise and what it reminds me of is why it’s one of my favourite colours.

What’s an ideal holiday for you?
It definitely has to be by the beach. I’m very much a water person—so you can understand why I like turquoise! I’m not so much into water sports but just suntanning and being by the beach, in the midst of  nature, is a great experience.

Have you been reading anything lately?
I actually have not read much, because I’m a new mum. My baby is now eight months old, and I just got back to work almost twos months back, so there hasn’t been much time to watch or read anything.

How has your journey as a new mother been so far?
It’s cool being a new mum: my son is awesome and he makes me happier. My favourite experience is always getting to interact with him. I love watching him discover: he’ll look at his hands and be so amazed by them, whereas we take them for granted. Whenever he discovers something new, he’s like ‘whoa’, and I’m going ‘whoa’ at the same time. That’s the most amazing part.

What’s something you hope to pass down to your son?
To always be grateful for everything, because life is beautiful. I dress him in lots of colours too, so I want him to embrace that as well.

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