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Marks & Spencer

We caught Sil on her cigarette break just outside her workplace, and it was her air of quiet, calm nonchalance that caught our eye. An aura of resolve around her suggested a belief that, after one cigarette, she would be ready to take on the world. She seemed disbelieving and surprised when we asked if we could take her photo, but true to her style, she laid back into reassured, unself-conscious poses in front of our harried shutter clicks. Mid-way, Sil had to answer a call that drew her back into work, and although we didn’t get the opportunity to speak more with her, we certainly picked up a few style tips simply from observation. Pairing a white mandarin collar top with tapered pants and ankle boots, Sil’s outfit would look just as home at a lounge or in a bank. Dressed for comfort but still in style, her subtly-pleated top had just the right amount of detail, remaining work-appropriate while playing up the sophistication. It’s not everyday we meet someone who transforms the connotations attached to ‘corporate’ from stuffy and boring to chic, relaxed and full of possibilities to dress it up.

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