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I work as a legal counsel.
I was working in private practice as a lawyer for about four years, and after that I moved to an in-house role, just about seven months ago. I think that one lesson I’ve learned from my work is to always treat people with sincerity.

What’s the most interesting encounter you’ve had with someone?
Once, I gave pro bono advice to a man who’d broken up with his fiancé over unverified rumours of his infidelity. He wanted to know if he had any means of legal recourse, because they had given up on their HDB flat as a result of the breakup. My advice was more common sense, and had less to do with legal matters—I told him there wasn’t much I could do for him, because the loss of trust between them was not something that was recognised by the court.

How did that experience impact you?
After the incident, he told me that speaking to me had given him a sense of closure. He said that in some way he already knew the answer, but the fact that it came from someone else made a difference. I didn’t feel like I’d done much, but it was important for him.

What do you do to destress?
Every day, during lunchtime, I go for spin class and do HIIT sessions. I try to exercise every day, though I’m doing something a little different today—I’m going for yoga later.

Do you have any hobbies?
On weekends, I give tuition to children from low-income families. It’s part of a program organised by my church, and the group of children I’m teaching now are in Primary 6.

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