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People also know me as:
“Pika-Choo”, my nickname—‘Choo’ being my last name, and because my husband calls me a pocket monster.

Something interesting about me:
I run marathons—I started two years ago, it’s something that has actually been on my bucket list— and raise funds for rescue dogs. I’ve always felt that it was my calling to work with dogs. And I got to meet Caesar Milan when he came to Singapore as well!

I’ve been a dog behaviourist for about 5 years.
I was actually in the fashion industry doing PR at my own agency, and one day I decided that I wanted to work with dogs, so I went to get certified as a dog behaviourist.

Any memorable experiences as a dog behaviourist?
I went to a dog shelter and told them that I wanted to rehabilitate dogs, so they pointed me to a kennel at the end of the corridor. The dog’s name was Rocky, and on the gate of his kennel there was a sign that said ‘Enter at your own risk’. Apparently this dog had never been touched or brought out for walks for a few years because he was very ferocious. But I went in and spent a few hours with him in the kennel, and eventually managed to bring him out for a walk. So I became an overnight sensation at the shelter. (laughs)

What I would tell dog owners or people considering getting a dog:
A dog is for life. Prevention is better than problems when it comes to dogs, so whether it’s a puppy or adult dog that you are bringing in to your home, it is best to know about the potential problems that they may bring. It’s best to seek professional help when it comes to behavioural problems.

Something people don’t know about me:
I’ve always had a fear of water, but I decided to conquer my phobia and took up scuba diving. It’s been a year and I’ve dived 63 times since then. It’s been amazing to conquer this fear!

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