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Diane von Furstenberg


Calvin Klein

Tell us about yourself—what do you do?
I work in business development at a marketing agency. I moved to Singapore from Dublin in Ireland, but I grew up in France, and I’ve also spent time living in New York. Of all the places I’ve lived in, I’d say Paris is my favourite, because it has everything, from good food, to fashion, to interesting art exhibitions. I try to go back there at least once a year to meet my friends, but also to shop,  eat, and drink lots of wine!

What do you like most about Singapore?
I like the diversity, and that it’s so easy to meet people from all around the world. That said, one thing Singapore doesn’t have as much of as the other places I’ve lived is underground and independent events.

What’s something about France not many people know about?
Art can be found everywhere in France. Even in the smallest towns, you’ll be surprised by how many churches, museums, monuments or even street art you can find around you. It’s really interesting to see all the different artistic influences.

If you could change one thing about the world, big or small, what would it be and why?
I wish people were more open-minded and curious in general. One of the things I love the most about Singapore is how tolerant people are. I’m so amazed to see so many different cultures and communities coexisting like that. It’s really inspiring as a foreigner!

What’s something you’d like to be really good at?
I wish I was better at not stressing about things I can’t control. Instead I try to focus on the positive and be grateful for everything I have in life. I say thank you to everyone and everything!

You’ve lived in Singapore for 7 months—what’s your favourite Singlish phrase?
I’m obsessed with food, so I love when my friend tells me something is “die die must try”. Or when someone is so “yaya papaya”! (laughs) I’m still continuing to learn more about it.

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