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How did you start working as a Russian teacher in a language centre in Singapore?
I was teaching Russian even when I was in Russia. I saw a job offer two years ago for my current position and I applied for it, hoping to be able to travel all around South East Asia. I got to travel to Indonesia before the pandemic hit and since then I’ve been exploring Singapore instead. 

What hobbies do you have?
I’m interested in languages, so I started to learn Chinese during the pandemic. It’s very difficult, especially the reading and writing of the language. I’m very amazed by Singaporeans who can speak another language on top of English and some of them are even learning a third language. In Russia, everyone speaks Russian. 

Share with us a little about the accessories that you are wearing.
My necklace is custom-made and has my horoscope on it. I’m quite interested in astrology and had my horoscope read. I found myself to be quite like a quintessential Virgo and that’s why I wanted to have it as a necklace. My bracelet has the symbol of a tree, and I never take it off. It signifies remembering your roots and remembering where you come from. 

What do you look out for when shopping?
I think fashion is temporary so I prefer to go with personal style. I look for clothes that suit me and that can help others see my personality. 

Do you have any advice for the readers?
I’d say just follow your heart. That’s the best advice that anyone can ever receive or give. In fashion, you just need to pick out something that you like, not something that someone says is trendy or looks good on you. It’s also applicable to life in general—you should enjoy what you are doing. 

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