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In my free time:
I’ll just stay home and watch TV if there’s nothing to do. Right now, I’m watching this Hong Kong series about kung fu. I’m open to any genre, as long as the show has an interesting storyline.

Something interesting about me:
I wouldn’t call myself adventurous, but I like to do extreme sports, like skydiving. I’ll give anything that is extreme a try—I’ve also scuba-dived, gone bungee jumping and cliff jumping.

What would you recommend?
For a once in a lifetime experience, at least bungee jump! I did it in Phuket but I think I’d try it in New Zealand if I had the chance.

My most memorable trip:
Actually, they’re all memorable, because each one of them is different. My favourite would be my recent trip to Australia. I went to Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. I liked Perth for the nature, it was more laid back. 

Philosophy I’m living by right now:
Never stop travelling, never stop learning!

If I could do anything I wanted to:
I’d travel to space.

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