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Dahlia was sweetly camera-shy and highly aware of all the passersby that were curiously looking on as we photographed her. She warmed up towards the end, however, managing a smile for the camera. Dahlia works in advertising, and this allows her to dress pretty casually for work unless she has client meetings to attend. “It’s very refreshing to be able to dress according to my mood on an almost daily basis,” she says. While her style is highly dependent on her mood, she says that the colour palette of her wardrobe is fairly muted — mostly white, black, grey, navy blue, and pastels. “I think I would describe my style as classic but with a touch of something interesting. I do like prints too — the more intricate the better — while keeping the neutral colour tones,” she says, explaining her choice of outfit for the day. “I really love pieces by Carven, Marni and Acne.” Dahlia has been at her current job for just over a year, and says that her colleagues are one of the best points of her work, in addition to her bright, airy office. The long working hours during busy periods are something she’s still trying to deal with, however. “I’m still trying to figure out my work-life balance,” Dahlia says. “I try to maximise the weekends, I guess? Unfortunately that makes for a very grumpy me on Monday mornings.” Dahlia says she would travel for a living if she could, but for now, she finds release in the relaxing activities she enjoys over the weekend. “I either go for coffee with friends, or check out any interesting new exhibitions. Reading in bed is great too!”

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