All About Food On Valentine’s

Exclusive to Shentonistas, our friends at Mad Thai are just crazy enough to offer a meal for 2 with their signature dishes at just $28. No candlelight or frills, just good Thai food. Pop by tonight, the 14th February, and place your orders, all they ask is for you to check-in and like their Facebook page Mad Thai Cuisine.

Shentonista’s Valentine’s Meal:

1. Crispy ChickenĀ or Pock Knuckle

2. Lime Juice Seabass

3. A serving of Kai Lan

4. 2 servings of steamed Thai jasmine rice

5. A bowl of red rubies to share

Sometimes you don’t have to spend more on Valentine’s Day for good food. We’re there! Just RSVP as “Shentonista Valentine’s” here.

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