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What first got you interested in your current line of work?
During my university application, ‘Architecture’ was the first alphabetical option…so here I am.

We all have little habits or quirks that we pick up due to our profession—what’s yours?
A constant curiosity about how things are fabricated or constructed.

Is there a misconception people often have about your profession?
Yes. They don’t realise that the volume of paperwork involved is soul-crushing.

What’s a hobby you’re currently working on improving?
Illustration: I make prints on the side called @momotataki, and it’s mostly centred around peach-butts living their best lives.  

If you could step into someone’s shoes for 24 hours, who would it be?
Lisa Yamai, to live like Snow Peak (Japanese outdoor apparel and gear) royalty for a day. Also, her wardrobe is fantastic.

If you had to name your autobiography, what would it be?
Live Butt Die Young. My puns are so bad.

You often post about your cat—could you tell us more about her?

Her name is Severin! We adopted her from Keep Cats SG—they were losing their headquarters and needed to find homes for their kitties on short notice. Adopt, don’t shop!

Initially we thought she was a male cat; based on her black colouring, wanted to name her after Severus Snape or Severin (based on a song titled Venus in Furs by Velvet Underground). Turns out she’s female, but the name suited her and we decided to keep it.

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