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If you wrote an autobiography, what would its title be?
My Dog is a Good Therapist and He’s the Only One Who Knows About My Finsta.

What’s a fictional universe you’d like to live in? Tell us more about your choice!
I would love to experience life in The Sims’ world. It’s kind of like regular life, but on easy mode. You can build your dream home, respond to a cool job advert and you’re hired immediately and get a promotion after working for two days (only!).

Is there something you’ve watched recently that you’d recommend to others?
I recently caught Close-Knit, a Japanese film that was playing at the Projector. The movie revolves around a little girl, her uncle, and his transsexual girlfriend who takes on a maternal role after the little girl’s mom abandons her. Everything about the film is so beautiful and they touch on serious topics applicable to every country, especially Singapore.

Share with us about your most memorable family holiday.
This was back in 2011—my family and I went to the Philippines to celebrate Christmas, and my mom decided to get inked for the first time. She got it done by my god sister, who’s an amazing illustrator and tattoo artist, and came out of the session with two new tattoos—she was trying to catch up with me, I guess.

What’s been a big change you’ve made in your life this year?
I’ve recently tried to incorporate meditation into my everyday life. I used to find it daunting but it has definitely helped me in understanding myself more and also diverting my attention to the important things that matter in life.

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