Androgynous Ambivert


Accounts Executive



Leather Ark

“Relaxed, androgynous and monochromatic” was how Carisia described her style and this outfit pretty much sums it up. A girl who “stands by pants over skirts any day,” she paired her cropped linen trousers with a simple sheer top, allowing for just the right amount of cheeky peekaboo. Calling herself as an ambivert, the hobbies this carefree lady has span across solo pastimes like knitting, silversmithing, carpentry and binging on various TV series to more social activities like supper and mahjong sessions with her friends. Carisia’s currently obsessed with food – she’s been reading up and attempting simple recipes at home, even packing her own lunch to work at least thrice a week. “I spend Sundays doing grocery shopping, planning and preparing the week’s meals,” she shared. Maybe she’ll start on her favourite dish soon? “That’s wanton mee (dumpling noodles), forever and always!”

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