A Sea Apart







Steve Madden





I’m from the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean.
I just moved here and I’m doing my Masters in Management.

What’s nice in the Cayman Islands?
Everyone is really nice, and the food is amazing. We have one of the nicest beaches in the world and I miss it.

Something interesting about me:
I dive. I’ve dived only in the Caribbean, so far, so I’m looking forward to finding new places here. Everyone keeps giving me their opinions on where to go, so I’m going to Thailand next.

How do you like Singapore so far?
So far, so good—it’s comfortable and safe, so it’s an easy transition. Obviously, I miss the beaches back home, but it is a very cool place to live in.

Best thing about Singapore:
The food! I’m a big foodie and there’s such a big food culture so that makes it very easy. I really like chilli crab—I like spicy food.

My style goes either way: full colour, or black and white.
I also like anything comfortable, and I’m a high-waisted kinda girl. Anything high-waisted gets me every time, because I like the classic look.

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