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We don’t often come across guys who are confident enough to wear pastel colours, but Eam isn’t afraid to step out of the box and wear more eclectic pieces, as he tells us: “I mix things up a lot, but the fit of my clothes is key. I wear my batik sarongs now and then too, even to the club!” Eam’s day job is in marketing and advertising, and when he’s not working he’s also a world-class paddler, having been dragon-boating since his 20s and participating in multiple competitions, both locally and internationally. He’s quite the music junkie too; he does DJ-ing on the side and loves all good music, particularly Thai Molam at the moment. Whether it’s work or his passions, Eam is definitely loving life by being intentionally present wherever he is. “I’ve learnt to let go and live in the moment because the past is over and you can’t control the future.” His personal goals for this year probably draw from this philosophy. “I want to keep discovering myself, be mindful and stay positive and open. I want to be kind to others and help when help is needed, too.” It’s no wonder then, that doing humanitarian work is something he would love to take on if he had more time. “I believe the best thing for anyone to be is to be in service of someone else.”

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