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Are you from Singapore?
I’m from India. I was here for two years in high school, then I went to college in Los Angeles and now I’m back. I just started my job  here last month, so I’m very new!

Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I have a food and travel blog called Portable Palettes. I started it because I felt that there are so many places to eat at, but I could never find a suitable recommendation. Although Yelp and other platforms have a large database, I don’t really trust them. I’m always looking for new restaurants to go to, and I value pictures of a place to see how the ambience is like, hence I stated a blog.

What is your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe right now?
This one pair of shoes that I have—they are nude-coloured, so they go with everything. Also, they have an ankle strap, so I like that.

One thing people don’t really know about me:
I like to dance, and was in the Bollywood dance team. I did it when I was really young, but I don’t do it anymore.

If you had more time to do anything, what would it be and why?
I’ll probably take a design class. I feel that I can be creative, but I don’t know how to draw, so I want to learn the skill to execute it.

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