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Kate Spade

I’m from Hanoi.
The best part about being from there is that I’m able to travel around the country easily. In the northern part of Vietnam, there are a lot of mountains and lakes, and it’s also a traditional place where there is a mix of different cultures. I like travelling to Ninh Bình, which is recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site. If you watched the recent Kong movie, one of the scenes was recorded there.

How did you come to do what you’re doing?
I work in FinTech (Financial Technology). I really wanted to work here and I felt like I could learn a lot in Singapore, being a fast moving country, so I tried to find a job that’s suitable. FinTech is something very new and I think it came about only two to three years ago? I work in one of the best companies in Singapore in this field. I came here Singapore in 2010 but went back to Vietnam, and only returned a year ago.

Favourite food here in Singapore:
Chee cheong fun! There’s a really nice store at Mei Hwa.

Any food you’d recommend in Vietnam?
I like the street food. Currently, it’s almost the end of winter so during winter, I like to have porridge. Vietnamese porridge is very smooth—they grind the rice into very small bits. It’s called cháo.

Something people don’t really know about me:
People tend to think I’m introverted because at work, I’m quite quiet as I need concentration, but otherwise I can be quite sociable.

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