Baroque Beauty






Our eyes were drawn immediately to Olivia’s vivid, indigo-toned dress, especially the skirt portion with its ornate and intricate lace patterns, so we weren’t surprised when she named the Baroque style as her favourite. “I admire fashion with a little bit darkness and attitude, theatrics and technical perfection,” she shared. John Galliano then, was her first “fashion maestro crush”. “Despite the controversies, I’ve always thought of him as a fashion genius. His creations for Dior were so over-the-top and whimsical, yet so technically precise,” gushed Olivia. To pursue her love for fashion design, Olivia is currently attending pattern making classes; she’s also a big fan of visiting museums and art galleries in her spare time. “I love that the cultural scene in Singapore has become increasingly vibrant in the past five years, with a focus on promoting South-east Asian artists,” she said. Olivia names Chuck Close as her favourite artist, citing a video she watched about Close’s struggle with paralysis and how that came to influence his style of painting as an inspiration. “He is a formidable portrait photorealist and a survivor. Since he’s  only able to move his wrist, he now paints using circles – which up-close looks completely abstract, but far away, becomes a face.” A timely reminder of how we should always look at the bigger picture.

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