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The Hour Glass

The sun had already begun to set when we spotted Stephanie. While her look isn’t one that might immediately jump out at you in the centre of a crowd, especially the throng of office-goers rushing off for Friday-night plans, that’s precisely one of the reasons why we like it so much; there’s a subtle elegance and easy sophistication to her finely-pleated trousers and classic, gold-chained bag, offset by a casual pair of scuffed white shoes and a sleeveless top with playful slits up both sides. We found out that Stephanie was also in a rush for dinner when we asked for some of her time; on most off days, however, she enjoys staying home to watch dramas, often in the company of her two dogs. Stephanie is currently working in finance, an industry she says she had wanted to work in ever since she graduated, but which, she tells us, tends to be very fast-paced; no wonder, then, that she was heading off for some much-needed R&R this evening.

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