Warby Parker

Charissa looks refreshingly different from when we first met her (here), but she’s still sticking to the same style and the same basic personal rules. “To be honest, I don’t think I put much thought into specifically personalising my outfits, but I do gravitate towards certain silhouettes,” she says. “I would say that my style is feminine, but fierce.” If there was one outfit she had to wear to work for the rest of her life, however, Charissa knows exactly what she’d pick. “A full midi skirt, black blouse, leather-strap watch and a go-to stack of bracelets. It’s my ideal mix of serious (black), dramatic (full skirt), fun (bracelets) and necessary (watch). Or as I like to call it, my Tuesday look.” She’s all for trying out different looks and experimenting, and so she says she wouldn’t be able to fault anyone for dressing however they want. “I think style is a very personal and specific thing, so I can’t call someone out on that. My pet peeve is the lack of effort that people put into their workwear.” She cuts herself a bit of slack over the weekends, however. “My weekend style is a blend of boho chic and pretentious hipster. I like light midi-length dresses, the occasional hat and throwing everything into my Monocle subscriber tote bag. In my defence, it is a lovely shade of olive green.” Working in a PR firm, Charissa has learnt a thing or two that has helped her along the way. “Girls, don’t be afraid to negotiate.” That, and the importance of planning. “I really believe that if you have your priorities sorted, and if you have enough discipline, you will make time for everything and everyone important in your life.”

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