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“If you can’t tell a story about who you are, your identity and your point of view,” Eunice says, “then why even bother?” As such, she always dresses the part when she’s at work, dressing more smartly to channel intellect at a client meeting, or being more comfortable when she has a shoot to attend. She never skimps on the accessories though. “I always wear a pair of giant pearl earrings; it immediately dresses up any outfit. I love cuffs and necklaces as well, those that are minimalist but with an edge.” She jokingly describes her style as “an intellectual Alison Mosshart”, and music is one of her outlets. “I love making music,” she says. “I spin at home to let off steam.” Work is fulfilling for her, she says, because she gets to meet new people, experience different cultures, ask questions and influence the way people think, although she says it gets tiring when she can’t segment her personal and work life, because so much of herself get into her work. One way she tries to cope is to never bring work home. “This helps to create mental differentiation between work time and personal time. I try to start the day early — there are days where I can be at work by 730am to have time to space out my thoughts,” she says. “Also, this may sound lame but exercising is really important. I am driven by a perennial fear of being a victim of poor health — not that I’m super fit, but I try lah. Most importantly, have a close bunch of friends with whom you can just sit across the table in silence, because sometimes what’s unspoken can be more powerful.” Another of Eunice’s big loves is diving. “It’s the only thing I do where I only focus on one thing and one thing alone: what’s in front of me when I’m underwater.” As such, if she could do anything she wanted, she says it would be something involving cake, vinyls, music, books and a beach where she could dive off into the deep blue whenever she wanted to.

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