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What’s something you miss about home?
I always miss the food. I’m from Indonesia, and no matter how good the food might be here, there’s something about food you grew up with that tastes the best. The sambal belacan you get here just doesn’t taste the same as the one from back home.

Do you have an uncommon hobby?
I’m not sure whether it’s considered uncommon, but I collect paper: I have one big Ikea box of it. I majored in visual communication, so I often use paper and print to communicate my ideas. When I have free time, I make a book out of the papers. My patience level isn’t usually high, but I find bookbinding surprisingly therapeutic.

Is there a design project you wish you were a part of?
The Tiger Beer District Bottles. I thought it was a nice touch to celebrate Singapore with the different areas. Their Chinese New Year illustration every year is also done very well.

If given a choice, would you rather explore space or underwater?
I would rather explore deep underwater, because I love the sea. While I’ve never been to space before, I think the tranquility and peacefulness under the sea will be much more pleasant. There is a theory that life began from the ocean floor—if you could witness the miracle with your own eyes, won’t it be thrilling?  

What’s your most rewatched movie?
I’ve rewatched Your Name (Kimi no Nawa), the famous animated movie by Makoto Shinkai, about three to four times. I think the movie has amazing artwork with superb detail, an unusual storyline, and great songs. I’d recommend everyone to watch other works by Shinkai, just to appreciate the work that goes into it!

What was your favourite fairytale growing up?
The Little Mermaid: I blame this partly on me being a Pisces. It used to be my favourite because it felt so magical, but it’s still my favourite because Ariel isn’t perfect and she consciously makes choices she knows might not be right, which I think is very ‘human.’

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