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Quite a few things have changed for you since our last conversation—for one, we know you recently got engaged! 
Yes, I did! (laughs). It’s been a monumental change for many reasons. When we first got engaged, it didn’t feel like a big move, but now that we’re slowly preparing for the wedding, there can be a lot of fear and uncertainty involved. On the flip side, I also feel that nothing much has changed between us. If there’s anything, the engagement has made us realise we need to be more careful with our words, especially when we get into disagreements, because we know we’re making a lifelong commitment. But despite the daunting decisions still left to make, I’ve always wanted to marry early, so I’m still excited to take this step. Marriage is just another step in our journey.

You are an interior designer by profession. The big question is—who will be designing your new home?
It’s most likely going to be my fiancé (laughs). So far, we don’t usually agree on home designs, because our styles are different: I lean more towards the quirky and unconventional side, while he’s more minimalistic.

You’ve recently found yourself taking a lot of decisions related to your future: in ten years’ time, where do you hope to see the future Jennifer? 
I want to be content, no matter what I’m doing. I enjoy doing a lot of different activities, especially ones where I get to use my hands—sewing, painting, and designing—so maybe if I’m doing more tactile things, that’ll be something that brings me joy. I’d also like to start my own family by then.

What’s one habit of yours that you’d like to change?
I tend to procrastinate quite a bit—but I feel that it also comes from self-doubt and being scared to try something new. So I’d wonder about my own ability to do a certain task and then eventually, I end up not doing it at all (laughs). I think self-doubt is something I’d like to change about myself.

You were born in Indonesia—where do you think is home for you? 
Here, definitely. I’ve been here since I was four years old, so when I think about home, my family and friends here are the first that come to mind. I do have family back in Indonesia too, and it’s definitely a part of me, but my future is here.

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