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Hailing from Perth, Barry was here over the F1 weekend, and although he looks immeasurably relaxed and well-rested in this getup, his work look is much more formal. As the owner of an architecture and development firm, Barry is usually dressed in a long-sleeved shirt and jacket, and believes in an impeccably cut suit and crisp detailing. But no matter what he’s wearing, Barry is all about being comfortable in his skin. “Let your style be a reflection of your individual style or aesthetic,” he says. Barry loves creating new and exciting buildings, and while he says he enjoys his current work-life balance, his hopes to be able to work a little less and to spend more time meditating and practicing yoga. “I find it important to meditate at least once every day, even if for only ten minutes,” he says. “This is a common challenge we all face with this Western way of life we lead, so it is important to maintain routines. Make time to spend with just yourself and with friends; perhaps exercise or share mealtimes together so you can maximise your schedule.” He also says that while multitasking is helpful, it is even more important to plan your day and week ahead with a diary planner. “Remember to put into daily practice the 80/20 rule — if you don’t know what this is then Google it — and don’t procrastinate!” Barry also believes that emotion follows action, so it is important to always smile. In his spare time, Barry races historic touring cars and has even won several state championships in the past. “I also enjoy training at the gym, boxing, yoga, meditation, cycling, and spending time with my 15 & 17 year-old-children and fiancée. I also love our lovely fur babies — a American bulldog and a French bulldog!”

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