Certain Something



Even before you get to know Nicolas, there’s something about him that you’re immediately drawn to. Perhaps it’s his irreverent way of carrying a bright mustard-coloured backpack while wearing a formal, pinstriped suit, or the way he exudes a certain indescribable air of cool nonchalance. Not in a pretentious way, however; all he was doing was standing outside his office building, having a quick smoke, and trying to hail a cab to get to his next meeting. Originally from Paris, one of the leading capitals in fashion, Nicolas definitely has a distinct sense of style and an eye for well-tailored suits and artisanal leather shoes. It is the rare find of people like Nicolas that excite us — people who simply aren’t afraid to be who they want to be, and dress in whatever way they like, unafraid to break any strict dress codes or be judged. It’s all down to the small things — even just a yellow backpack.

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