Monica makes frequent shopping trips to Bangkok, and only just recently returned from her latest foray there. As such there’s quite a few items from her look today that are from the shopping heaven, although she says she visits Hong Kong to shop as well. In an airy, pleated top and cream coloured cardigan, offset by a striking printed skirt, Monica describes her style as comfortable, and when we ask her about her high heels, she laughs. “Even if my heels are high, they still have to be comfortable.” Monica works in a hotel and deals with hospitality and marketing, which she says forces her to think out of the box and which allows her to meet different sorts of people from all over the world. “I have to cater to different guests and their needs, and sometimes I find out the random-est things about them, like what they’ve had for lunch, or if they’ve had a bad day.” With her radiant, affable personality making it easy for people to open up to her, it’s clear to see that Monica is definitely suited for the job.

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