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Sweatpants to work? No sweat for Janice, who gets free rein to wear whatever she wants. “I’m quite into the whole atheleisure, sports-luxe trend now, so most days I’m either in jeans or sweatpants, unless I have meetings. I make sure my sweatpants are work-appropriate in terms of the cut and style, and I pair them with dressier tops or outerwear so it doesn’t look sloppy.” Janice finds style inspiration from the likes of Victoria Beckham, Olivia Palermo, Wendy Ngyuen, and Kendall Jenner, and provides some style advice of her own, such as having a few “backup” work dresses for days when you’re running late or totally stumped about what to wear; or a pair of heels and a blazer in the office for last-minute events or meetings. Janice works in digital advertising, and loves that her job gives her the opportunity to meet with people from different industries. “We get to share ideas, and it feels good to just get out of the office once in awhile,” she says. “I think the industry is really intriguing and there’s a lot to learn, because it’s constantly evolving and changing. Everyone’s given a voice on social media, and I think it’s a great platform for people and companies to be creative, share their thoughts, and foster an exchange of views. It’s a very powerful tool in helping to change and shape the world, if used responsibly and appropriately.” Working in such an ever-changing environment, Janice finds it important to keep up with the latest developments in her field, even across various industries. “It can be as easy as subscribing to industry updates, or just following them on social media. You’ll learn so much more beyond just your work role. It can also help you figure out how you can grow your career, and whether this field is for you.” In her spare time, Janice loves watching TV — some of her current favourites are Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Suits, and Fresh off the Boat — and planning for her next adventure. “I’m always in some state of wanderlust, dreaming of my next trip. I guess I’m also a bit of an adrenaline-junkie: I love roller-coasters and I really want to try sky-diving, or racing down the German Autobahn. Don’t tell my mom!”

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