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We heard that you just got back from London?
That was where I was working for a year. I went there to look for a job, and it was one of the most scary and exciting things that I’ve ever done.

Best thing about London:
The music scene— I had the chance to meet quite a lot of talented musicians. I’m also into classic rock, metal and jazz music.

One thing that people have to do/eat/see in London:
To do: Walk everywhere you go! You’ll definitely come across something unique and interesting.
To eat: ‘Hawksmoor’ for really good steak and ‘Granger and Co.’ for the best eggs you’ll ever have in your life.
To see: ‘Hoxton Jam’ every Wednesday at Troy Bar. They have the best musicians and cheap drinks.

The best advice that I’ve ever gotten:
If someone says you can’t do it, say ‘why not?’

My guilty pleasure:
Baking. Funny thing is that I’m actually quite bad at it, but I enjoy it though.

If I were a cocktail…
I’d probably be something like an Old-Fashioned, or a White Russian.

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