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We know you have pets that you’re very fond of—tell us more about them.
I have three adopted guinea pigs—Chip, Toast, and Coco—and they’re actually really smart. They know exactly where the food plate is, so whenever I’m nearby, they’ll look directly at the empty plate and then look back at me, as if they’re asking me for more food (laughs). They also make this annoying sound called wheeking, which they make apparently when they’re excited. Mine wheek at everything, including plastic bags.

If your guinea pigs could talk, what’s one question you’d ask them?
That’s hard to choose…I might ask them which vegetable they like best? Or I’d ask them if they really think I’m always supposed to be serving them (laughs).

What would you say is your favourite anime of all time?
I think it’s Your Name. I’m not really an emotional person when I watch shows, so I don’t like it for sentimental reasons. The places in the movie are very nicely drawn—like they’re real places but not real at the same time, you know? It’s a show I can rewatch a lot.

As an interior designer, what’s one of your favourite things about your job?
I think it’s the feeling when I see the completed projects, because you finally get to see it in real life after imagining it in your head for so long.

If you weren’t an interior designer, what would you be?
A tattoo artist probably? I like designing tattoos, but I’d also be the cleanest tattoo artist because I wouldn’t have any tattoos on myself. I think I’ll get too stressed out about how it’ll turn out after a few years, and keep worrying if  the lines get soft or wavy later on.

What are the three most used emojis on your phone?
It’s, in order of usage, 🙃   😂  😅, which are usually emojis I use at work.

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