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Patience keeps an open mind when it comes to fashion, understanding that what does not suit her may appear better on others. She herself favours baggier outfits that do not restrain her movement, yet are still structured to retain certain forms. “I am usually in black, white, blue, and recently, grey. It’s usually monochromatic because no matter how complicated the clothes are, they will still match pretty well.” While she describes herself as a graphic designer “at the bottomline”, Patience enjoys her job as it exposes her to many interesting events, giving her the chance to meet many characters across industries. It also offers her opportunities to practice her hobby, photography. “If I weren’t in my current career I might have ventured into photographic journalism, documenting lives of people,” she says. Her advice to younger colleagues is to master at least one particular skill set, and to always have a good attitude. “Out in the job market, no one is obliged to care or help you. Do your primary job well first. If you’re unsure, always ask.” When work becomes a bit too overwhelming, Patience has an unusual form of therapy: spring-cleaning. “It not only declutters life, I also find myself happier, as though I’ve found a newer me by chucking stuff out, together with their associated memories.”

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