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If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
The power of invisibility. Sometimes I’d prefer to sit alone and observe people, especially when I’m with friends or at a party and there’re too many things going on. I just like to be with myself. I sometimes feel that it’s nice to be invisible.

Tell us about a favourite project you’ve worked on.
It’s not a specific project but they’re the travel pictures I take whenever I go overseas. The next place I’ll be visiting will be New Zealand. I haven’t been there before, so I’m really excited. I’m quite an outdoorsy person and I like to hike a lot—so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing a lot of mountains and scenery!

My most memorable trip:
To the United States. It wasn’t a specific part but I took a train from one end to another—San Francisco, California to Denver, Colorado. I spent one to two days in the train and saw a lot of scenery that isn’t what you’d usually see—a lot of desert.

Scariest thing that ever happened on a trip:
I have a bit of an obsessive compulsive disorder and during one of my hiking trips, I had to use the toilet which was in a wooden hut. When I opened the door, there were so many flies and no flush system. It was gross and after that one experience, I didn’t want to do it again and thought I’d rather pee in the woods. I don’t know if you’d count that as scary but for me it was!

If someone were to offer you an unlimited supply of something, what would you ask for?Knowledge. More knowledge is good.

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