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Hong Teong
General Counsel



Swaine Adeney Brigg

Citing classic menswear tailoring as his source of style inspiration, it’s no wonder Hong Teong’s pays so much attention to the fit of his clothes. Pairing a green gingham shirt with perfectly-hemmed khaki trousers, he completes his well-tailored outfit with a leather woven belt, suede lace-ups and an orange envelope clutch. Quite the arbiter of the finer things in life, the gentleman enjoys good food (“I currently love sushi and sashimi for the freshness and simplicity”), fine wine (“mostly red”), whisky (Scotch and Japanese), coffee (“always on the lookout for the best place for a ristretto or a doppio”) and art  (“South East Asian contemporary art especially Vietnamese and Burmese art”). A fan of the outdoors, this well-travelled man counts Copenhagen, Jordan and Bhutan amongst his favourite destinations. Not one who slacks on the fitness front, Hong Teong has been road biking for about eight years or so, but is on a six-month hiatus as he tries out HITT (High-Intensity Interval Training) four times a week. Oh my, what an all-rounder.

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