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It’s hard to go wrong with this full black outfit and a printed blazer, but if he could, Bryan would probably live in leather and fur. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his off days, however. “On weekends, I’m perpetually in sandals and sweatpants,” he says. “Because it’s nice to be able to chase after public transport for once.” He does love his clothes, though, and his job as a fashion stylist is a perfect fit for him. “I get to meet interesting people all day long, lovingly stroke clothing I’ll never be able to afford, and express my creativity in a medium I’m in love with.” In his free time, on the other hand, Bryan transforms into a “non-functional human being.” “I love to vege out on my bed and consume the entire globe’s worth of sodium and sugar whilst watching shows,” he says. “An active lifestyle is out of the question; I bought a stationary bike and it’s now my make-shift coat rack.” Bryan does have other non-fashion, not-so-sedentary pursuits— “I’m actually really good at playing the Guzheng!” he shares. “I have a Grade 10 in it and have composed a few pieces, which is ridiculously ironic considering I flopped real hard at my Chinese O’levels.” We love how Bryan takes his fashion seriously, but himself, not so much.

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