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What’s producing a radio show like?
It’s an evening show, so I start work at 5PM every day (laughs). With radio, each day is different. We have many programmes and interviews so it’s always interesting!

What’s one challenge of working in media? How do you overcome it?
Sometimes you get a creative block but you have to overcome it. No matter what, the show has to go on. People-watching helps me overcome my mental blocks. I find it interesting to look at people doing random things. It started when I visited a country farm and saw people relaxing around and walking their dogs. It gave me a sense of calm. Now whenever I need to refresh myself, I go to the Botanic Gardens or find a café to just watch people.

How do you spend your weekends?
I’m a babysitter and Mandarin play instructor. I hang out with the kids and play video games with them (laughs). It started when I befriended a really cute girl who’s half-Italian and half-Hong Konger, and her mum invited me to babysit. Then I got into hotel babysitting where I babysat kids whose parents are here on business trips.

How would you describe your fashion style?
I don’t have one style, actually! Whatever that’s comfortable and practical. I wear workout clothes a lot and try to match them with my skating shoes.

Nice board! When did you get into skating?
I started at 12. I only skate to travel to places, honestly, because I’m very lazy to walk from the MRT station to work or home (laughs). I used to go to skate parks and practise tricks. But once you start working, you don’t want to get injured. I broke my funny bone before and that wasn’t fun.

What has been your favourite concert to date?
Foo Fighters! I got free tickets and went there not knowing any of their songs. But I was blown away. I became a huge fan after that. My first vinyl record ever was a Foo Fighters compilation album.

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