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You mentioned you’re a designer at a bank. What is that like?
It’s pretty interesting because as a designer, I don’t deal much with numbers but I do focus on the details.

What do you like doing on weekends?
I like watching films, and I’m trying to start a project where I review movies. There aren’t many people doing that now.

What’s the best movie you’ve watched so far?
Ooh, that’s difficult! On the top of my mind now, it’s Empire Of The Sun, an old Steven Spielberg movie starring a young Christian Bale. It’s a long movie but it’s great, it’s about innocence lost.

Could you share a lifehack with us?
After coming back from vacation, I take an extra day off at home just to settle back into the groove. There’s jet lag, and there’s what I call routine lag. (laughs) I find it helps, especially after longer trips.

If you could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Tom Ford, my favourite designer. I love his style and his personal mantra about dressing for the occasion and always looking great.

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