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Jeffrey Campbell

Natalia just began working as an assistant fashion designer, and says that her favourite part of her job is being able to design what she likes. She cites brands such as Rick Owens, Jil Sander, and Comme des Garçons as some of her favourites, and describes her personal style as simple, and not very feminine. “I prefer darker colours, and also like drapes, although I’m not wearing any today,” she says. “I think my style is a mix of minimal elements with attention to little details.” Before she started working in Singapore, the Indonesian went to Shanghai all by herself to learn Chinese. “I think it’s a good skill to have, especially since the Chinese economy is really emerging now,” she says. “It wasn’t that tough to go over there by myself — I went through an agency, and there were a lot of other international students there as well. Most of the people I met could speak some English.” She’s back in town to pursue her dream, although when asked which fashion label she would most like to work for, Natalia couldn’t decide; perhaps she’d like to do something for her own. During her off time, Natalia likes watching movies — to her, the “sad, morbid ones” are the best kind.

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