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I’ve been in Singapore for six years and three months.
I used to live and work in Shimokitazawa, in Tokyo, Japan, but I was born in Sendai. The last time I went back to Sendai was for my cousin’s wedding; I styled the hair of every family member (laughs). It was fun, but busy. 

One thing I miss the most from Japan:
My family and friends. I stayed in Tokyo for six–seven years so I still have friends working and living there.

Why did you decide to become a hairstylist?
One of my favourite childhood memories is my grandmother braiding my hair a lot, and I liked that. That’s the reason why I wanted to be come a hairstylist when I grew up.

What are some of your favourite places?
My favourite city is London—the hair salon I work at, +LIM, has a branch there, so I went there for work. I like the culture and the people. In Singapore, I like the Lavender area because I used to stay there. I just like to ‘jalan jalan’ (walk around) (laughs).

What’s the funniest Singlish phrase/word to you?
My colleague recently taught me “Where got?” I also like “Cannn”.

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