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You’re in the midst of a career switch, what pushed you to pursue a different path?
I currently work in marketing for a branding agency, but I’m making a move to public relations in the fashion industry.

I used to work in fashion, so I’m clear on what I want and what I don’t want when it comes to the industry. Personally, I’ve always navigated to small companies instead of bigger luxury brands because it’s important that the company I join has a good culture and aligns with my values, even if they’re not as high-paying. As such, it’s not easy finding a fashion brand in Singapore that I like, so I’m glad to be going back to pursuing something I love.

When did you start becoming interested in fashion?
Since young, I was influenced by my mum, who dresses very well even to this day. I remember going through her clothes and makeup as a kid and trying them on. Despite refusing to wear the clothes she picked out for me when I was younger, I look back at old photos now and find that her style is not bad leh (laughs).

Do you have a favourite clothing brand?
I’m not sure why but I’m really into Thai brands at the moment, so I’ve been visiting Thailand a lot. My dress, for one, is from the brand Tha Homemade—I love that all their pieces are hand-dyed and hand-printed.

In fact, I’d recommend a local market in Chiang Mai called Baan Kang Wat. The whole place is full of cool crafters and some of them even hold workshops on-the-spot!

How did you find out about Singapore Art Week 2023?
I often try to check out any art exhibitions or events happening in the area because, to be honest, there’s only so much to do in Singapore lah. Actually, a friend of mine has a work displayed in the Singapore Art Museum, which is why I came down to take a look. Besides, I quite enjoyed the previous Art Week.

I’m not an artist myself, but I’m surrounded by many creative people—my sister is a theatre practitioner and my boyfriend is a musician—so it’s hard not to be involved in the scene and appreciate the art.

Tell us about an artwork that has stuck with you.
I was recently amazed by Stream of Memory, a production by Papermoon Puppet Theatre. I’ve only watched them online prior, so when they came to Singapore I knew I had to go.

It was beautiful! I love how they allowed the audience to interact with the puppets too. On top of the great show and cast, the music especially touched me; I did some research on the composer, Yennu Ariendra, and found that he does traditional compositions that are really interesting.

P.S. Enjoy free admission to the Singapore Biennale 2022 at Tanjong Pagar Distripark till 19th March 2023—your last chance to do so!

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