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How did you end up in your current profession, and what do you enjoy about being a hair & makeup artist?
Since young, I’ve always been intrigued by colours and art. Being a make up artist was accidental. I was in biomedical science when my mom asked me to learn make up as a skill set and that changed things forever. I love that I get to create confidence in women for their special moments, and share about what beauty means—enhancing features rather than concealing it. I want women to feel safe in their own skin. Being a make up artist, you have a certain power to achieve that. I love what I do and how there’s so much to learn every day.

What are some common stereotypes you hear about your line of work?
It’s an easy job, it’s just putting on make up…so simple. It’s not challenging. Well, beauty is multi-faceted. There’s the psychological aspect of how beauty impacts an individual, how colour blends together, the chemical reactions when you layer products, and also the anatomy of the skin. That’s something I work on every day, to perfect my craft. 

Are you currently working on anything else on the side?
Yes, I’m currently working on refining our beauty workshops at ARLY, a beauty company I started with my partner Vicky where we not only provide makeup services, but also knowledge and support based on individual needs through product curation and honest skincare consultations. I’m also investing more time in cosmetic science as there’s still a lot to learn and share with everyone.

If you weren’t doing this, what do you think you would be doing?
If I wasn’t a make up artist, I’d probably be a dermatologist. But I dream of being a bee keeper.

How would you describe your fashion sense?
High waisted, structured, comfortable. When it comes to fashion, I love Moon Choi, The Row, Roksanda, Valentino, and Celine.

Do you practice any self-care habits or routines? Can you share a little more?
I’m currently practicing journaling every night. It helps to decompress my thoughts and ideas. On days when I feel beaten, I go on long walks and that helps a lot. Oh, my skincare routine is my self-care ritual too. I love the texture and the result skincare has on the skin. I enjoy my wine and fruits too.

Something you’re grateful about your present is:
1. Teh C from Toast Box
2. Having a functioning body
3. Having found my support system
4. Having the courage to explore new grounds

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