Dreaming Big






Ixora has a soft spot for rompers, and says that they’re usually the only colourful pieces in her wardrobe which is primarily white, grey, and black. “My personal style would be simple and comfortable wear, all day, everyday,” she says. “When it comes to dressing for work, I think you should keep it elegant and presentable every day, regardless of who you are expecting to meet. I usually personalise my outfit with dangling earrings of my choice, and complete the look with my black and gold watch. My one pet peeve when it comes to workwear is over-accessorizing!” At work, Ixora believes that a positive first impression goes a long way, “with hard work and persistence, of course”, and she’s currently working part-time while juggling school and time with family and friends. “I don’t find it difficult as I’m enjoying what I do, but if I could do anything right now, I’d want to own and run my own chain of boutique hotels across South East Asia.” With such big dreams, Ixora says that prioritizing really helps her. “Having a daily to-do check list really helps! Understand what you love to do and set aside specific rest days to do that.” She also tries to bring her dreams to life — literally. “I have a dream diary where I try to record what I can remember (or make out of) my dreams. Sometimes I attempt to draw what I see, or go online and read interpretations of my dreams.” A fan of romantic comedies, Ixora says she also loves reading up about the best cafes and restaurants in town, and then actually making a trip down for a good meal. Her belief in life? “Don’t get too caught up in the things that don’t matter.”

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