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Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I only wear black and white. I’m a budget Barbie; my clothes usually cost less than $10. I also just started my own accessories brand, Minimal Street, selling black and white accessories.

You’re a mother, you work full-time, and you’ve just started your own brand. What drives you?
My son. I used to be an ugly duckling, but I really like dressing up now. People would often ask me where I bought my clothes from, so I decided to start something on my own.

Tell us more about your brand:
I usually source my items from Vietnam and Guangzhou, China. My brand has also moved into a more modest direction, as my own personal style has gone through a change since I started wearing the hijab.

The place I love visiting the most:
Guangzhou, China. I love shopping. The shopping street is about 50 times the size of Bugis Street. My husband usually accompanies me for these trips just to keep my shopping in check! (laughs) I usually have to hire a guy who follows me around to carry my shopping bags.

When did you get your first tattoo?
At 14, on my back. It was quite a dumb tattoo so I got it covered up. I have seven tattoos in total; the latest is a batik design which reflects my love for Bali.

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